4 Interior Elements to Showcase for Selling a House Faster

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1. Showcase the Good Condition of the Interiors

Do show floors, walls, windows, doors, and ceilings etc. and make sure they are in good conditions.

You don’t need to focus on showing the furniture or accessories, but it’s not to say you should not care about how your furniture look.( 2 Ways to Tell if You Need to Replace Your Furniture When Staging a Home )

If your floors are hardwood in a desirable colour and pattern (light brownish grey is the trend right now, and I think it is timeless too), make sure don’t cover them with too many rugs or furniture. Show them off!

If your walls are painted in a light neutral or white colour, you really do not need to paint over them.

If your windows and doors are new and stylish, don’t cover them with drapes or curtains, let them shine!

Furniture and accessories are not going to stay, and buyers know. No need to over focus on how nice your furniture is, and how interesting your artwork is. Make sure they are not overly bold to distract buyers from focusing on the structure and space ( Too Much Custom Design Can Be a Disadvantage for Selling a House ).

Use the right amount of furniture and accessories to create a flowing layout is more important than showcasing them.


2. Showcase the Flow and Space of the Interiors

Flow and space is sooo important. I cannot stress enough.

Our life, for whatever reason, has gotten so hectic as the technology has gotten so advanced. We need space to breath at home, and we need the space to flow and function to help ease our stress after work.

Don’t underestimate how much invisible unpleasant stress it can cause due to a non-aesthetic interior.

If your existing furniture is too big, I am sorry to say that they are not the right fit for the buyers to see the potential of your house (not even a good fit for you either who have been living there every day).


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Put some big bulky furniture into storage or go to the next level and consider selling them to someone else. They may not fit into your new house, and will definitely make your moving one step easier.

 At the end, you save on the storage cost and moving cost.

I know it’s easy said than done. But I see people get attached to a certain piece of furniture and couldn’t let it go, only ended up throwing it on the curb on the moving day or trying to sell it once moved to the new house (me included).

Old furniture tends to not fit in the space of a new house. Some do, many don’t. Learn to let things go.

This makes life easier.


3. Showcase Some (Not All) Great features of the Interiors

Only showcase some features, not all of them, pick major ones, but not something too specific taste wise or competing with each other.

For example, some people have decorative Roman columns in the master bathroom,  you may think it’s a great feature because you love them.

I would consider not emphasizing the columns because many people do not share the love that you have for them. Instead, I would direct buyers’ attention to the overall space and aesthetic of the bathroom.


4. Showcase Your Care and Love for the Home

Beautiful staged interiors are big parts of the selling point. However, they are not all of it.

Repair things can be spotted right away like holes in the walls or ceilings, roof leakage stains and broken light fixtures. You may not need to replace some older appliances, but if it’s broken, you should definitely get new ones.

If you have extra responsibilities such as indoor/outdoor swimming pools, make sure they are all being maintained well.

Focuses on the well-maintained structure, high-quality facilities, and beautiful architecture are just as important as the interiors, especially for a high-end home sale. It shows that the homeowner takes good care of the whole property.

On top of buying a property as an investment, we all have the deepest desire as human beings which is finding a lovely place where we can call home.

People are looking for love in the home.

Do show it!


Let us help you design & stage your house into the most competitive property on the block that buyers are dying to move into!

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