Creating a Gallery Wall in a Challenging Home Office

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Small Home Office Creates Interior Design Challenges

The home office is right beside the master bedroom area. It is not big, and clients requested to fit in a built-in bookshelf, a desk plus a chair, and a sofa. It’s a little challenging but that’s what I was hired for.

Across the desk is a sofa, and above the sofa is a wall with control panels on one side. I didn’t want to hang something to distract client when sitting behind the desk, but also wanted to fix the blandness.


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Decide Where to Use: Large Scale (Vs) & Small Scale Pictures

I love using a single piece of large painting in interior design projects, but I already used one behind the desk as a focal point in this office, so if I use another large size painting on this wall, it would be two large paintings competing each other in a small space.

There’s also the control panel area which I need to do something with in order for it not to stick out as much. At the end, I decided to go with a gallery wall idea, which will break up the large scales of painting and furniture in this room. Also, it will help the control panels fade into the background.


Create My Own Gallery Wall 

I couldn’t find a pre-set group of satisfying pictures to hang above the sofa as an inspiration wall for my client, so I decided to create a gallery wall of my own.

I looked for hours online for the right sizes and shapes. Eventually I found those amazing black and white images (still need one more picture beside the Eiffel Tower). They were purchased from different stores, to work together to create a harmonious and inspiring wall.

The hugging penguins and pouting cat are my favorite. They are so adorable! 

Home Office interior design-gallery wall idea

Home Office interior design-gallery wall idea



It is a lot easier to hang a pre-designed group of pictures, but it actually takes more time to look for the ones that work.

Creating my own gallery wall also took a few hours to look for the suitable images and arrange them in an order that worked in the wall area. However it gave me more control of the content of images and the size of the frames.

I normally use a group of same size of frames to create an uniformed order, but in this case, the control panels would stick out too much. I went with various sizes and shapes of frames to make them look less uniformed and more relaxed. This way, the control panels blend in better. I am really happy how the gallery wall turned out at the end.



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