Decluttering Is the Most Effective Way to Prepare a House for Sale

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Preparing a house for sale is daunting. I went through it myself.

When last time I was selling, it was right before the price peaked in 2016 in the GTA area.

I wanted to sell my property fast, so I need to be competitive.

I rented a storage unit and hauled lots of furniture and belongings into it.

After that, the house was so spacious and tidy.

It had just enough furniture and accessories to show buyers that someone (not a hoarder, but a designer) lives there, leaving enough space for buyers to imagine their own stuff there.

Since I put lots of stuff(this word is going to be used so many times ) into storage, everywhere I looked in the house, it made me feel very relaxed.

I sat in my extremely tidy living room and said “I wanted to live like this from now on”.

After all the hassles I went through to present the house nicely, my house got an offer within a week, and sold within 2 weeks.

It’s worth it, no doubt.

However, I didn’t live the way that I said I wanted to.

I fell back on old habits and went onto collecting more stuff in the new house.

Until one day, I stopped.  

It took me a while to stop, and how I stopped is worth to share. I’ll write another post about it.

Many of us don’t realize how many things we’ve accumulated over the years until we are preparing to sell our house.

We probably know that we shouldn’t collect so much stuff, but we just could not stop!


When we are in the process of preparing to sell our house, realtors will tell us that the first rule is to declutter.

I totally agree.

But so many of us find decluttering is easier said than done.

First, the rule is against us who have been collecting stuff for years. How could we just change all of a sudden? Both our body and mind don’t like that. We resist.

Second, even if we can persuade ourselves to declutter, who is going to take their time and clear those things out physically? Where are we going to put the stuff? Renting a storage unit sounds like another chore we have to do. Plus we have to get those stuff back after. So…much work!

At the end, many of us ended up not decluttering, or at least not to the level that meets the standard.



The decluttering philosophy should be brought to people way before the time they sell their house.

I think it’s extremely hard to change people.

Making sellers get rid of their belongings is not very feasible.

And the ones do, their house normally sells faster.

Decluttering not only benefits people with selling their house faster, but also with their life in general.

It takes time to change behaviours.

If we could somehow getting more interested in decluttering as a daily habit, it would not only make preparing a house for sale a lot easier down the road, but also make us more focused at home with less stuff to buy, to store, to clean.


Decluttering is the first step and most effective way to prepare a house for sale.  

If you need additional help with how to declutter and not sure what to put away in storage, hire a stager to help you figure it out.

Each property and family is different, maybe some online articles are not enough to point out exactly what you need to do for your property and belongings.

By hiring an experienced stager, it will give you a clearer direction to head for.

I came across the article of 9 Things I Learned From Preparing to Sell My Home, which is very useful for preparing people who are planning to sell their house(I have a different opinion about its first point about WHITE wall though). Especially for those who have been living in their house for many years with kids, and accumulated lots of stuff.




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