How Staging Change a Room with White Walls without Painting It a Different Colour?

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How a stager can add personality to your house without making it too distracting for buyers?

In the previous post Why You Don’t Have to Paint Over White Walls for Selling Your House?

I mentioned “Decluttering changes the feel of spaciousness of your house;staging is not just moving around furniture or decorating for owner’s taste. It’s more about using buyer psychology and design technique to best present the interiors/exteriors to appeal to a wider range of buyers.”

To just explain a little bit more, using the example of you have white walls, and you are concerned your house is lacking personality.

A good stager come in taking a look, can add some colour and texture into the room, and coordinate the look well.

vacant home staging in Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara Region by Design Balance Inc.


A good stager can also tell that some of your furniture does not show the room well.

Their sizes are too big or small, colour maybe too dark(above BEFORE picture), or their styles are not the best fit.

They can advise you to move some furniture into storage to better showcase your room.

Or if budget allows, you can store away all the furniture and stage the whole room with more suitable furniture and accessories.(below AFTER picture)

This is more effective than working with existing furniture that does’t work.

vacant home staging in Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara Region by Design Balance Inc.

vacant home staging in Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara Region by Design Balance

Statistically, staged houses sell faster and can get 1%-10% more of asking price or even more.

It’s a marketing pitch, but also a true fact.

However, the return of staging also depends on the market which I’d like to write in the following posts.

The biggest advantage of home staging is the speed of selling a house, and the narrower gap between buyer’s offering price and seller’s asking price . Faster sale means less showings, less maintenance, less stress and less interest payments, in any sort of market!

The extra cash gain of over the asking price is the cherry on top in a crazy hot market like in 2016 from Toronto, to Burlington, and to the Niagara Region.

Let us help you design & stage your house into the most competitive property on the block that buyers are dying to move into!

We serve the Greater Toronto Area, Burlington, Hamilton & the Niagara Region. 




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