How to Stand Out Among Many Similarly Staged Homes?

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Similarly Staged Homes Do Not Stand Out As Much As Before

Over the past decade, staging has been increasingly utilized by sellers to the point that virtually all listings above a certain price range are staged, especially in bigger cities like Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, just to name a few.

Back in the late 2000s, anything that was staged really stood out among a sea of listings.

Ten years later, we are in the 2020s, so many properties are staged, so how do you make attentions go to your property?

Everything being staged and nothing being staged are kind of creating a smaller gap for contrast – there are no dramatic differences, especially as staging companies started to replicate each other.

After seeing 10 plus similarly staged properties, it is hard to remember which one is which.


Staging that Brings Out the Uniqueness and Personality Will be in Demand

staging Niagara, Burlington, Hamilton


The goal of staging has always been about appealing to potential buyers.

However, as the prevalence of staging rises, it has become more and more important to not only appeal to buyers, but to differentiate the property from others on the market, and create a unique look and personality for each.

This is very much reflected in the higher-end market such as New York City’s. It is only a matter of time for other places like Toronto and the surrounding area to catch up with the trend.


What Kind of Stager to Look For When Staging a Luxury House?

As staging evolves, staging professionals have to be more thoughtful and skillful, differentiating every space we do. 

Instead of throwing a mattress and box spring on the floor with colour-coordinated décor pillows and art on the wall, we need to make each staging project speak to the property’s unique selling points and style.

Simple colour coordination is not enough anymore. 

We also need to find the balance between creating style sets that appeal to different demographics, and without being too narrow and alienating anyone.


staging Niagara, Burlington, Hamilton


As a result of these changes over the years, sharpening the interior design skills is a must for stagers. General home owners’ tastes have also progressed due to the exposure of so many design pictures on the internet.

However, just being an interior designer is not enough to succeed in assisting home selling, because the goals of designing to live in and to sell are very different (Too Much Custom Design Can Be a Disadvantage for Selling a House)

An understanding for real estate markets and potential buyers is the other big part of creating an effective staging that will help the house stand out more on the market in a sea of listings and sell faster!


At Design Balance Inc., we specialize in luxury home staging consultation. We combine our interior design knowledge with a strong understanding of real estate markets and buyers to help home owners sell their properties faster.

Let us help you design & stage your house into the most competitive property on the block that buyers are dying to move into!

We serve the Greater Toronto Area, Burlington, Hamilton & the Niagara Region. 






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