Watch Out 3 Things to Overcome High-end Home Staging Traps

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When selling a high-end home, 3 things to watch out are:

1. Expensive Furniture ≠ the Right Fit

Before considering staging with your own furniture, it will be more helpful to hire a stager to come in and take a look to see if your furniture is a good fit.

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Don’t judge the suitability of your furnishings based on how much you spend on them. Scale and proportion of furniture and accessories is still the NO.1 factor you need to consider for an aesthetically balanced interior space.


2. Glamorous/Flashy Style ≠ the Right Fit Either

With many staging companies replicating the glamorous style without considering if it fits the style of the house, it gets to a point that it looks too forceful.

A true high-end home does not need to be ostentatiously staged.

Beautiful staged interiors are big parts of the selling points; however, they are not all of it.

Focuses on the well-maintained structure, high-quality facilities, and beautiful architecture are just as important as the interiors for a high-end home sale. It shows that the homeowner takes good care of the whole property, and gives the buyer peace of mind.

People are not just buying a commodity. On top of buying a property as an investment, we all have the deepest desire as human beings which is finding a lovely place where we can call home. People are looking for love in the home. Do show it!

home staging Niagara, Burlington


3. Custom Design ≠ Selling Advantages


It’s very common to see high-end homes with unique exterior architectures. Finding buyers that are into your specific type of architecture might be hard, which may take a year or several years.

The strategy of selling a high-end home is still trying to appeal to as a wider range of buyers as possible.

That being said, it is no easy job to change the exterior. Nor it is necessary to change the exterior look in most cases. Buyers may be looking to buy the property and change the exterior to their own taste, or simply not doing anything for the exterior.  

Many people can comprise with the exterior look if it’s not what they desired, but people have less tolerance for the interior looks where they would be staring at for the most of the time.

For example, if your house is Mediterranean style both exterior and interior, it doesn’t make sense to spend a large amount of money on changing the exterior to something else. Plus, there are buyers who are specifically looking for Mediterranean architectural houses.

It’s safe to say leave the exterior architecture unchanged is the best option for selling a house.

The logic for the interior is different.


While interior is relatively easier to change compared to the exterior, some of the custom choices can be disadvantages for selling your house.

The custom designs are wonderful for you to live in, but they are acting like a double-edged sword.

If they are not the exact expectations of the potential buyer, some of the features potentially serve as distractions and jarring objects for potential buyers to imagine how they can live there. I am going to use  the same example in the blog post of Too Much Custom Design Can Be a Disadvantage for Selling a House for a more visual explanation.

Before Staging- Photo:

The room is catered to a certain taste which is on the traditional side. The upper walls are covered with custom-designed murals probably loved by the previous owner. But selling the house like that could be deterring potential buyers, because the murals are very strong features that may not be liked by every buyer. The walls are distracting buyers to see the full potential of this room in their own styles.

Let’s look at the same room after being staged. Comparing the Before and After photo of staging, do you find the After photo help you imagine the room better than the Before photo? It doesn’t even look like the same room. The murals are painted over with white paint!

After Staging- Photo:  

2 Ways to Tell if You Need to Replace Your Furniture When Staging a HomeIt may not be necessary to completely swap out your existing furnishing, but it is certainly essential to choose the right interior elements to showcase the property. This will help direct buyer’s attention to focus on imagining their own life and style in the house (4 Interior Elements to Showcase for Selling a House Faster).

What we don’t want buyers to focus on are current owner’s furnishings and style. They are only serving as tools to showcase the structure and space, and help buyers to see the potential layout of the space.


We are also here to help if you need staging consultation or staging a property. Don’t hesitate to email us your needs and questions about staging options, and see how our services can benefit you with selling your house faster (How to Stand Out Among Many Similarly Staged Homes?)!

Let us help you design & stage your house into the most competitive property on the block that buyers are dying to move into!

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