Should You Paint Over the Red or Blue Wall for Selling Your House?

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Photo By: Eric Perry

If you have Googled Best Paint Colors for Selling a House, many articles will show up on the first page of the search results.

 It would take you at least half an hour to go through just that.

I read a couple of them, and started to wonder where did they get their data from and how did they come to that conclusion?

They are general advices, but some advices such as “bedrooms painted cerulean or cadet blue, grants homes with a $1,856 premium” seemed to maybe only work in the case that buyers like that colour too much. 



I love blue in the sky, but I really don’t like that kind of blue colour on the walls in my bedrooms or even in any other rooms. It’s just my personal preference. 

I have used deep blue in clients’ house both on the wall and on the furniture before. It looks bold. Deep colour makes a great statement from interior design point of view. 

As for selling a house, it may not be the best choice from staging point of view.

If I did end up buying the house and paid more is probably because of those “golden rules for real estate”- good location, great neighbourhood, good condition of the house.

Photo: Design Balance Inc.

I would take those advices for selling a house with a grain of salt.

Over the years, I have done interior design for many clients.

My two cents for what people like is that most clients like to be safe, not too boring, not too bold (that said, having a client who loves bold interiors and can live with it is heaven to me as it allows more creativity and I don’t get this type of clients often).

It’s very hard to guess who may be your buyers when selling a house, not to say what styles/colours they like. 

Spending too much time trying to figure out the right answers only leaves us with uncertainty.


On the opposite, it’s a lot easier to guess what people may not like.

For example, it’s safe to say most people do not like dark houses, black walls and messy interiors.

Many people do not like deep coloured walls either.

Even they do, it has to be the right colour for them.

It’s safe to paint the wall in a lighter colour or white, because those colours reflect more light and don’t make a room darker than it is.

Which colour palette is less relevant as long as it’s a lighter colour( I’ll write my suggestions at the end).

The rest comes down to the golden factors “location, neighbourhood, house condition” plus interior aesthetics.

Paint colour is one major player in interior aesthetics for selling a house.


Other than applying the general rule of using light colour paint to keep interiors brighter, “trend” also affects what buyers may tend to like.

Avocado green used to be popular, but in 2020, it looks dated. So does the 70’s wood paneling.

At the end, if your walls are a deep colour, and it’s not in trend, paint over it with a lighter colour. Light bluish white, light gray, and white are good choices in general. If you don’t want to paint over it, make sure you stage the room with white furniture and accessorries to offset the deep colour for balance.

Be careful with using “beige”, because it can look brown and dated.

If your walls are lighter colours or white, it’s safe to leave them as is. (Why you don’t have to paint over white walls for selling your house?)

Putting more effort into decluttering and staging will help with selling the house faster.( Decluttering Is The Most Effective Way to Prepare A House For Sale

Decluttering changes the feel of spaciousness of your house; staging is not just moving around furniture or decorating for owner’s taste, it’s more about using buyer psychology and design technique to best present the interiors/exteriors to appeal to a wider range of buyers.

Let us help you design & stage your house into the most competitive property on the block that buyers are dying to move into!

We serve the Greater Toronto Area, Burlington, Hamilton & the Niagara Region. 




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