Take the Most Magical yet Bittersweet Way to Prepare Your House for Sale

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When talking about preparing to sell a house and staging a house, the first thing comes to my mind is to make the house clutter-free. It is pure amazing that this single task can dramatically change how a property looks without any need of re-painting walls.

Starting Decluttering (Way) Earlier Makes Life Way Easier

It might not look like we have lots of stuff, but one thing I learned and heard a lot about is that decluttering really takes time, so please start at least a few weeks ahead before selling your house.

For myself, I would start a few months ahead because decluttering seems always took longer than I expected, just like renovations. Plus sentimental feelings make the process harder and slower. Don’t underestimate how stubborn our mind can be.


Small Steps Each Room, and Ambitious Plans Likely Fail 

Start your organizing early and make it manageable by working on one room at a time, especially if you’ve lived in a house a long time.

Do not even think you can get all the work done in one day(with or without helpers)! Ambitious plans make people feel overwhelmed at the end when they cannot achieve their expectations. Then they likely quit.


Which Room to Start With?

Instead of tackling the rooms that host the most or the least clutter first, think which room has the most useless stuff first.

It would be a lot easier to get rid of the least sentimental and useless things!

As more and more stuff are gone to the dump or donations, your capability of handing sentimental feelings will rise. Then purging will seem not that hard all of sudden.

Continue focusing on individual rooms until you make it through them all. Don’t give up!

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Considering Purging Stuff as a Habit

Strategy of paring down before you sell and then move will likely give you a better Return on Investment on your home sale( most important step of staging too) and reduce moving costs.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to Purging.

Purging is no easier than decluttering as it means permanently saying Goodbye to our belongings, and I literally went through a 3-year process of purging myself which changed the way I look at material stuff.

I have read Maria Kondo’s book, but didn’t find the methods particularly efficient to deal with my emotions of parting with things.

Although having effective organizational skills is important, but I don’t think spending lots of time organizing makes me happy. My goal is to have less stuff, thus to spend less time on organizing things.

According to The Science Behind Why It’s So Hard to Get Rid of Clutter, it gave a little insight into why we hold onto certain things and couldn’t easily let them go. I find alternating the way I look at things (in fancy words, my values) really helped me to get rid of unnecessary belongings. 

If you have been successful of mastering purging, then decluttering is a piece of cake because there is probably not much clutter in your house. Right?

Ask any honest stagers in your area, they will tell you the same thing: Decluttering your house first before any staging work begins.

You may need help to decide what to keep, what to put away in the process of decluttering, when in doubt, contact Design Balance Inc.  for help. A quick walk-through and two to three hours of consultation will give you a clear list and direction going forward.

Declutttering is a bittersweet step, which costs the least and achieves the biggest impact on a house, yet it challenges our feelings and actions.

The question is: Will you be able to put it into action?

Let us help you design & stage your house into the most competitive property on the block that buyers are dying to move into!

We serve the Greater Toronto Area, Burlington, Hamilton & the Niagara Region. 




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