Why You Don’t Have to Paint Over White Walls for Selling Your House?

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In my post of talking about Decluttering Is The Most Effective Way to Prepare A House For Sale, I mentioned I had a different opinion on colour white for selling a house.

Some stagers tell you don’t paint your wall white, as it’s too plain for buyers. If your wall is white, paint it gray or light blue.

I say, if your wall is white, leave it!

Why you don’t have to paint over white walls?

In my last post Should You Paint Over the Red or Blue Wall for Selling Your House?, I mentioned Paint colour is one major player in interior aesthetics for selling a house.

Other than applying the general rule of using light colour paint to keep interiors brighter, “trend” also affects what buyers may tend to like.


1.White is also a trend, which comes and goes.

When it’s trendy, your white wall echoes the trend. It’s desired by many people.

When it’s not in trend, your white wall is not the most desired trendy colour, but it will never go wrong. Plus it’s easier for buyers to paint over it.

Remember, white is boring, but it will never go wrong. No need to chase the trend of a certain colour.


How to make white rooms less boring?

To solve the problem of being too plain, we can always use colour on accent furniture, wall arts, décor pillows etc. How Staging Change a Room with White Walls without Painting It a Different Colour?

I kept the white wall for the master bedroom staging(below). The room still feels warm and interesting, doesn’t it?

vacant home staging in Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara Region by Design Balance Inc.Photo: Design Balance Inc.

2. White walls are easier for buyers to imagine their own belongings there.

When staging a house for sale, either with your own furniture or with a stager’s items, the goal is the same: Try to neutralize and depersonalize the house, so there is less distraction for buyers to focus on imaging their life there.

Colour can be distracting if not used in a proper way, such as too much of a colour, or too many colours.

That’s why stagers focus on using neutral colour, and using a bit of other colours as accents only.

White is neutral, it’s the least distracting colour when buyers walk through a house.

vacant home staging in Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara Region by Design Balance Inc.

Photo: Design Balance Inc.

3. Northern cloudy weather in the winter is also a reason to keep white walls for selling your house.

From December to April, Toronto to Niagara area, and the whole province has less sunny days.

The sky is covered by thick grey cloud for months with few sunny days in between.

Our house tends to be darker inside during winter time. It’s not the best time to show your house to buyers.

Having white walls is helpful in the winter. The best paint colour that reflects light is white. It makes the interior lighter than dark colours.

That’s the same reason why people from Northern European countries like Sweden also likes using white on the walls. 


White walls keep a room brighter, less distracting to buyers, and more helpful for people who live in a long cloudy winter area like Ontario to sell their house. Focusing on how to present the house clutter-free and beautiful by using the staging method or hiring a stager will be a better investment than spending on re-painting.

Let us help you design & stage your house into the most competitive property on the block that buyers are dying to move in!

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