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Susan’s Staging Story

Susan’s staging journey began before she even knew. Susan has been doing interior design for almost 6 years. She loves working with clients to create a dream home for their family.

Somewhere along the way, one of her clients asked if she could do some rearranging and redesigning of the interiors for his friends who had been trying to sell their property for over a year with no success. Susan said yes and took the job.

Over time, some other clients asked her the same thing, and she happily accepted the tasks because she was basically using the same principles as she would use in interior design projects, except with a goal to sell.

Surprisingly, the properties she touched either get leased or sold within a week or two.

Then it clicked! Why not using her design expertise to help homeowners sell their houses? She is still pursuing interior design by bringing vision of homes into life with staging.

In the meanwhile, what she does has additional values to sellers and buyers. It draws buyers into the beautiful home and inspires them to envision themselves living in there, which proved to result a faster sale.

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