Staging Helps Sell a House Faster for Close To or the Asking Price in a Buyer’s Market.

Photo:   In a Balanced Market Staging helps sell the house faster for the asking price . In a balanced market or a buyer’s market, houses don’t sell very fast in general. In a balanced market, sellers normally get … Continued

Home Staging Helps Sell a House for Way More Than the Asking Price in a Seller’s Market

Photo: In a seller’s market, especially a crazy hot one like 2016, from Toronto to the Niagara Region, in which there are more buyers than sellers, so the supply of houses is less than the demand. Houses will sell … Continued

How Staging Change a Room with White Walls without Painting It a Different Colour?

How a stager can add personality to your house without making it too distracting for buyers? In the previous post Why You Don’t Have to Paint Over White Walls for Selling Your House? I mentioned “Decluttering changes the feel of … Continued